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Summary Information

CREATOR:                     Aliki Brandenberg


TITLE:                             Aliki Brandenberg Papers


DATES:                           1981-2005 and undated


VOLUME:                       0.5 linear feet




ACQUISITION:              The papers were donated by Aliki Brandenberg in 2005.


ACCESS:                        The papers are open for research.

COPYRIGHT:                 Copyright has not been transferred to California State University, Fresno.


PROCESSED BY:           Matthew Borrego, 2005.


These papers were given by Aliki Brandenberg to the Arne Nixon Center for the Study of Children’s Literature in 2005.



Collection is non-circulating; in-house research use only.



The collection is protected by the Copyright Law of the United States (Title 17, U. S. Code). Reproductions can be made only if they are to be used for "private study, scholarship, or research." It is the user's responsibility to verify copyright ownership and to obtain all necessary permissions prior to the reproduction, publication, or other use of any portion of these materials, other than that noted above.


Biographical Sketch

Aliki Liacouras Brandenberg was born September 3, 1929 in Wildwood Crest, New Jersey. Her parents, who lived in Philadelphia, were originally from Greece, and they taught her to speak Greek before she learned to speak English. Aliki started to draw at an early age, and her supportive parents enrolled her in art classes. She also took piano lessons.


After graduating from the Philadelphia Museum School of Art in 1951, Aliki worked briefly at the J. C. Penny Company in New York, in that company’s display department. She then moved back to Philadelphia and put her skills to use as a freelance artist, creating art for advertising and display purposes. She also taught classes in art, worked as a muralist, and started a greeting card company.


In 1956 Aliki decided to explore her Greek heritage, as well as many other parts of Europe. During her travels she met Franz Brandenberg, whom she married the following year. After moving to Franz’s native Switzerland, Aliki wrote her first book The Story of William Tell, about the legendary Swiss archer. The book, published in 1960, was well received. Aliki and her husband moved to New York, where Aliki began in earnest her long career as an illustrator and author of books for children.


She has written and illustrated many books and she has also illustrated books for other authors, including her husband Franz Brandenberg. Aliki’s long and prolific career as an author and illustrator led her to explore many subjects of historic and scientific interest. Her nonfiction books, either written by herself or by others, touch upon matters as varied as dinosaurs, book manufacturing, Shakespeare, evolution, and growing up. Aliki’s fictional works explore such themes as family and friendship. Aliki’s Greek heritage is also a recurring theme in her works, both fiction and nonfiction.


Since 1977 Aliki and her husband Franz have lived in London, England, where she continues to create meticulously researched and carefully crafted books for children.



Something About the Author, vol. 157, pp. 22-29.

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Scope and Content

The Aliki Brandenberg Papers contain correspondence, typescripts, dummies, paste-ups, proofs, and printed material created and accumulated by Aliki Brandenberg. Aliki’s papers were created from her work on three picture books for children. The material is organized into two series: books, and miscellaneous and personal.


None of the material is dated other than correspondence. Material for each title was placed in chronological order as surmised by the level of development of the material.


The material in the Books Series includes typescripts, dummies, paste-ups, proofs, and other material relating to three titles illustrated by Aliki Brandenberg. It is arranged alphabetically by title and within each title the materials are arranged chronologically.


The material in the Miscellaneous and Personal Series includes correspondence and publicity materials. It is arranged categorically.

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Series and Subseries


A.          Books (1981-1992)


1.           Evolution (1987)

2.           I’m Growing! (1992)

3.           Leo and Emily (1981)


B.          Miscellaneous and Personal (2000-2005 and undated)


1.           Personal Materials

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Box Inventory




A.          Books (1981-1992)


1.           Evolution by Joanna Cole, illustrated by Aliki (New York: Crowell, 1987)


              1/1                       First dummy, edited and annotated, 1 item.


              1/2                       Second dummy, edited and annotated, 1 item.


              1/3                       Additional pages for second dummy, annotated, 3 items.


              1/4                       Incomplete photocopy of second dummy, unedited, 10 sheets.


              1/5                       Photocopy of second dummy, unedited, 21 sheets.


              1/6-1/8                 Paste-ups, edited and annotated,

                                          1/6         Jacket art, 1 item.

                                          1/7         Front matter and pages 1-15, 8 items.

                                          1/8         Pages 16-31, 8 items.


              1/9                       Illustrated black-and-white proof, edited and annotated, 1 item.


              1/10                     Illustrated color proof, unedited, 1 item.


              1/11                     Dust jackets, 8 items.


2.           I’m Growing! by Aliki (New York: HarperCollins, 1992)


              1/12                     Typescript, edited and annotated, 11 sheets.


              1/13                     Typescript of copyright page, edited and annotated, 2 sheets.


              1/14                     Un-illustrated proof, edited and annotated, 5 sheets.


              1/15                     Dummy, unedited, 1 item.


              1/16-1/17           Paste-ups of finished artwork, unedited.

                                          1/16       Cover and pages 1-15, 10 items.

                                          1/17       Pages 16-32 and spine, 10 items.


              1/18                     Paste-up of pages 24 and 25, unedited, 1 item.


              1/19-1/20           First page proofs for illustrations, unedited,

                                          1/19       Spine and pages 1-17, 8 items.

                                          1/20       Pages 18-32, 7 items.


              1/21-1/22           Second page proofs for illustrations, unedited,

                                          1/21       Cover, spine, and pages 1-13 and 17, 8 items.

                                          1/22       Pages 14-32, 7 items.


3.           Leo and Emily by Franz Brandenberg, illustrated by Aliki (New York: Greenwillow Books, 1981)


              1/23                     Dummy, edited and annotated, 1 item.


              1/24                     Original artwork for pages 16 and 17, 1 item.


              1/25-1/28           Paste-ups with color separations, edited and annotated,

                                          1/25       Front cover, back cover, and spine, 2 items.

                                          1/26       Pages 1-19, 10 items.

                                          1/27       Pages 20-39, 10 items.

                                          1/28       Pages 40-56, 9 items.


              1/29                     Illustrated color proof, unedited, 1 item.


B.          Miscellaneous and Personal (2000-2005 and undated)


1.           Personal Materials


              1/30                     Correspondence, April 2000 to May 2005 and undated, 4 items.


              1/31                     Publicity materials, 7 items.


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