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Arne Nixon Center for the Study of Children's Literature

Lewis Carroll Collection

Hilda Bohem

This growing collection of 2,000+ items was begun by Hilda Bohem, a Carrollian scholar and a special collections librarian at the University of California at Los Angeles. For 40 years she bought Lewis Carroll books and related materials.

The collection includes:

  • Hundreds of editions, including first editions
  • More than 300 illustrators represented, including a Salvador Dali numbered portfolio edition, numbered prints by Anne Bachelier, and original art by Leonard Weisgard
  • 250 imitations, parodies, and pastiches of Alice
  • Many foreign language editions, many with unusual illustrations
  • More than 80 Macmillan editions of Carroll's work for children
  • More than 100 biographical and bibliographical works on Carroll or on aspects of his life
  • Reference books
  • More than 50 paperback editions of Alice, many with introductions by noted persons such as Eleanor Roosevelt and Louis Untermeyer
  • Publications by the Lewis Carroll Societies of Britain and North America

Rounding out the collection is a wonderful assortment of ephemera, including cartoons, playbills, greeting cards, tea sets, plates, dolls, ads, puzzles, and other materials which reflect the powerful impact of Lewis Carroll on our society.

Alice in Wonderland, foriegn language editon Alice in Wonderland, Spanish edition Alice in Wonderland, foreign language edition Through the Looking Glass, French edition Alice in Wonderland, Russian edition