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Arne Nixon Center for the Study of Children's Literature

Collection Development Policy

To serve as an academic research collection for researchers, scholars, university students, teachers, librarians, authors, illustrators, collectors, and fans of children's and young adult literature.
monographs; periodicals; advance reading copies; artwork; letters; photographs; moveable books; pamphlets; printed materials; online resources; posters; newspaper clippings; periodical articles; biographical files; papers of published authors, illustrators, etc.; ceramic plates and figurines; publishers' catalogues; publishers' archives. Former library books are accepted as placeholders until better editions can be obtained.
modern, multicultural literature published from 1865 to the present, earlier titles if they are influential or to serve as examples.
Geographical Parameters:
special emphasis on California, the West, and Pacific Rim countries and on Nordic literature.
fiction for all ages, babies through young adult; literary non-fiction (history, biographies, memoirs); award-winning books, even outside these parameters; series books; mass market books; reference books and periodicals about children's literature; graphic novels.
primarily English; Spanish and bilingual literature; Finnish literature in English or Finnish; Chinese, Armenian, Japanese, Hmong, and other foreign literature representing the many languages spoken in California's Central Valley.

  • formats: audiovisual materials (unless related to other materials collected); board books; paperbacks (unless hardback is not available or has different cover art); ex-library books unless no other edition is available
  • duplicates deemed unnecessary by the Curator
  • subjects: science, nature, grammar, cookbooks, vehicles, sports non-fiction, craft books, how-to's, textbooks
Special emphasis:
Areas of interest have developed due to significant donations; new interests may arise in the same manner.
  • Young adult fiction
  • Gay/lesbian/bisexual/transgender (GLBT) literature
  • Helen Monnette Amestoy Collection of Books on Cats (6,000+ items)
  • Lewis Carroll (2,000+ items)
  • African-American literature
  • Local authors, Fresno area, California, the West, Pacific Rim
  • Controversial children's books, including books selected as bad examples
  • St. Nicholas: A monthly magazine for boys and girls, bound volumes, 1873-1940
Authors and illustrators
  • Alma Flor Ada
  • Hans Christian Andersen
  • L. Frank Baum and other Oz-related authors
  • Walter R. Brooks
  • Frances Hodgson Burnett
  • F. Isabel Campoy
  • Michael Cart
  • Susan Cooper
  • Roger Duvoisin
  • Margarita Engle
  • Don Freeman
  • Juan Felipe Herrera
  • Tove Jansson
  • Mauri Kunnas
  • Deborah Norse Lattimore
  • Stephen Mooser
  • Bill Peet
  • Virginia Pilegard
  • Leo Politi
  • Michael Elsohn Ross
  • Robert San Souci
  • Dr. Seuss
  • Don Freeman
  • Isaac Bachevis Singer
  • D. James Smith

Specific subjects:
ABC books; African-American literature; Asian-American literature; fairy tales; folklore; holidays; Latino literature, Native American Literature; Nordic literature, Oziana, young adult fiction;
Special Collections:
Michael Cart Collection of Children's Literature Michael Cart has given the Center thousands of books (and has promised us all of his books someday), his papers, video recordings of his television interviews with authors, and many other materials related to his work as an author, columnist, consultant, and librarian.
Lewis Carroll Collection Approximately 2,000 items, primarily books, by or about Lewis Carroll. This growing collection was begun by librarian Hilda Bohem, who sold it to the Arne Nixon Center.
Helen Monnette Amestoy Collection of Books on Cats Largest known collection of books on cats was donated by the family of the late Helen Monnette Amestoy of Los Angeles. More than 6,000 volumes, the majority of which are children's picture books.
Walter R. Brooks Library Acquired and donated by Michael Cart, the collection contains over 140 fiction and non-fiction books from the personal library of the author.
New Acquisitions:
Currently available, in-print monographs are actively added to the Collection. Out-of-print materials are acquired through dealers and cataloges, for the enhancement of the Collection. Publisher and private donations are integrated providing there is no duplication. Serials (print and electronic) and databases will be evaluated and acquired if beneficial.
Donated materials are accepted as unrestricted gifts.
Papers of Authors, Illustrators, Editors, etc.:
Papers pertaining to the publication of children's books including correspondences, transcripts, manuscripts, illustrations, dummies, artwork, fan mail, E-mail, photographs, and galleys are actively sought to be archived and cataloged.
Withdrawals from collection:
Materials may be withdrawn at the Curator's discretion.